Quick Facts from the 2008 Assessment

  • 100% of functional GGC units were assessed in 2008
  • 83% were assessed within the GGC Assessment Framework
  • 17% were assessed through an alternate method using the Administrative Employee Evaluations
  • 61% of unit-level outcomes were assessed by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness as ‘Established’ or ‘Exemplary’
  • 57% of unit-level measures were assessed by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness as ‘Established’ or ‘Exemplary’
  • 89% of unit-level outcomes were fully or partially met across the College
  • 56% of units had one or more outcomes that were partially met or not met and those units developed appropriate action plans
  • 73% of action plans developed articulate needed modifications in program curricula or unit operations

Assessment Planning

All units of GGC are assessed either through the College’s overall assessment process or through the evaluation of senior administrators in the College’s performance evaluation system. For 2008, GGC has a total of 63 units established in the WEAVEonline assessment tracking system. Of these, 48 (80%) have established assessment plans including a mission statement, outcomes and measure for those outcomes. The 15 units that have not established such plans fall into three categories:

  • Senior administrative positions, specifically the four deans, the director of Student Success Programs, the four vice presidents and the president of the College. Assessment of these functions in 2008 was carried out through the annual performance evaluation system in which each administrator articulates an annual set of performance goals that are used as the basis for annual evaluation by his/her supervisor.
  • Units which are not yet staffed or operational, but which are represented in WEAVEonline as placeholders because they are components of the Strategic Plan of their areas. These are Student Life and Residence Life in Student Affairs and the Middle Years Support Program and Senior Portfolio Program in Student Success.
  • One entity, Library Academic Services, that was entered as separate from Library Academic Services due to technical constraint of WEAVEonline 3.5 and assessed in conjunction with Library Academic Services. WEAVEonline 4.0 will allow this entry to be removed.

Use of Assessment Data

In 2008, 27 of the 48 units with complete assessment records articulated new action plans in response to their assessment findings. Seventy-three percent of these action plans involve changes in program curricula or unit operations, 4 percent request additional personnel and the remaining 23 percent require further refinement of assessment plans. 

In the 2007 cycle, 32 of 34 units with complete assessment records articulated action plans in response to their findings. Fifty-nine percent of those plans involved changes in program curricula or unit operations, 19 percent requested additional personnel and 34 percent required refinement of assessment plans. These actions are currently underway.