The APRs focus specifically on a single year's data for each program, allowing the college to evaluate that program's progress toward established outcomes. The resulting report presents an extensive review of its status from four perspectives:

  • Its own student learning outcomes
  • Identified best practices and disciplinary trends
  • The strategic plan and vision of GGC
  • Its available resources and resource needs

The CPRs review annual data from a five-year period, allowing the college to review larger-scale trends, areas of improvement, and long-term progress towards the College's strategic priorities. The CPRs review all of the same data outlined in the APRs; in addition the CPR take into account:

  • A longitudinal analysis of each major component of the annual report addressing specifically indicators of improvement over time and/or indicators of developing or unsolved problems.
  • A focused analysis of the changes in student learning and/or program productivity following implementation of specific action plans. This analysis identifies the indicators that an action plan was intended to impact and assesses that impact to the extent possible. If the action plan did not produce the expected or intended improvements, the analysis addresses possible expectations and details the revisions to the action plan that will be made in response.
  • A projection of the program’s anticipated status over the next several years based on the longitudinal analyses of the annual data.
  • A comparison of the program’s overall demographic profile of students, faculty and staff to the institutionally established diversity goals. If this comparison indicates that the goals are not being achieved, the CPR includes an analysis of potential explanatory factors including recruitment efforts and profiles of applicants, retained and non-retained students, faculty, staff and other data as appropriate.
  • A report by an external review group may be included when appropriate or when requested by the vice president for Academic and Student Affairs.