As a new and rapidly growing institution, GGC is continually improving its data processes.

All historical official data and files are subject to review and updating. Find GGC's official data using the links that follow.

Fall Semester Enrollment and Demographic Information

To see summary information on student demographics for the most recent fall semester, see GGC Facts.

Internal Visualization Managed by Carl Vinson Institute

The GGC Grades App provides easy access through the Qlik Dataviz Portal. The app allows select internal users to filter grade data for courses and sections that are related to learning communities and gateway to completion of courses.

View GGC Grades App instructions (PDF, login required) or access through the University System of Georgia (login required).

Fact Books

GGC's annual fact books are under development. The relevant data for each chapter are updated as the data files are verified and finalized.

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