Institutional Research and Analytics gathers, manages, analyzes and provides essential data and information to support decision making, planning and continuous improvement across all areas and at all levels of the institution.

Through its main functions, the office coordinates institutional planning, promulgates sound assessment and data analysis practices across campus. It aligns and integrates assessment efforts for institutional purposes, verifies and maintains official and archival data, provides timely, and accurate, relevant and actionable information that supports and informs decision making. The office works collaboratively with all areas of the institution to promote best practices in data analysis and use.

Meet Institutional Research and Analytics Staff

Fall Semester Snapshot

The fall semester snapshot provides data on enrollment, financial aid, faculty, campus environment and facilities.

View Fall Semester Snapshot (GGC email required)

Strategic Planning and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Five-year strategic plan, KPI dashboard, annual progress, enhancement, accreditation-related documents.

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Student Success Dashboards and Profile

Enrollment trends, retention, transfer and graduation rates, grade distribution, completions.

View Student Demographics (GGC email required) View Retention, Transfer and Graduation Rates (GGC email required) View Student Transfers to Other Institutions (GGC email required) View Completers to Other Institutions (GGC email required) View Student Success Profile

Common Data Set

Comprehensive snapshot of the institution in the fall semester.

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IPEDS Data Feedback Report

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is a system that collects data from all institutions that provide postsecondary education and are eligible to receive Tile IV funding across the United States and other U.S. jurisdictions. The figures in this report provide a selection of indicators for GGC to compare with a group of similar institutions.

IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2023 (PDF)

IPEDS Data Feedback Report 2022 (PDF)