The faculty and staff at GGC know it isn't easy being a new student. That's why GGC developed First- and Second-year Experience.

The First- and Second-year Experience program helps ease the transition from high school to college, or from one institution to another, beginning with the very first semester. Research has long indicated that new students who are successfully integrated into college are much more likely to succeed.

At GGC, you are not alone. You are part of a community of friends, intellectuals, peers and mentors – all here to help you succeed. Your mentor will be a faculty member who will help guide you through your experience here.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is someone, often a wise and trusted teacher or counselor, who advises you and guides you. At GGC, your mentor will help you understand the relationships among the courses, programs and other academic experiences provided by the College. He or she will help you develop educational and career objectives suited to your interests and abilities, and help you plan a course of study. He or she will encourage you to take advantage of campus services, activities, programs and resources that contribute to your personal development and success. You will meet with your mentor every semester.

How do I Find My Mentor?

Most likely your mentor will contact you first. He or she will call you or email you. If you want to find out who your mentor is, after the first day of classes, go into your Grizzly Den within Banner account. Your mentor will be listed there. You can then go to the GGC Directory and type in the name of your mentor. His or her office location, phone number and email address will be listed.

Before Classes Start

By the End of the First Week of Classes

  • Attend classes! 
  • Read each class syllabus and ask questions about those parts that are unclear.
  • Mark important class deadlines on your calendar and planner.
  • Create a schedule for your study/homework time (minimum 2 hours per 1 hour class time).
  • Attend Grizzly Days events.