Buy, sell and rent used and new textbooks. Find GGC gear and study/reference materials. Purchase supplies, snacks, technology (such as laptops), grad regalia and gifts. The GGC Bookstore, managed by Barnes & Noble, is your official campus bookstore.


Textbook Returns and Financial Aid Options

    Open Educational Resources

    Open educational resources (OER) are materials for teaching or learning that are either in the public domain or have been released under a license that allows them to be freely used, changed or shared with others.

    Your professor may have opted for an OER resource, and the resource link can be found in your syllabus. A printed copy is available for purchase at the GGC Bookstore.


    Student Textbook Buy-back

    The bookstore offers year round buy-back of textbooks from students. Peak times are during final exams where students can receive up to half back depending on the demand and value of the textbook. The buyback amount is never guaranteed since textbook buyback is based on demand (in store and nationwide). Instructor copies and international editions are not eligible for buyback.

    Textbook Return/Exchange Policies

    The last day to return your textbook is by the drop/add deadline for each semester/session. The bookstore honors textbook returns and exchanges with an original receipt. Books must be in original purchase condition. No open bundles or scratched off access codes. 

    View the bookstore's return and exchange policy.

    Textbook Rental Check-in

    Textbook rentals must be checked in before the rental due date at the end of the semester or the credit card used to secure your rental will be charged a rental replacement fee and processing fee.

    Rental books must be in good condition, and books with water damage, ripped pages, stained or strong odors will not be accepted. You can see a bookseller for a special buyout price or your credit card will be charged after the grace period.

    Financial Aid Book Advance (FABA)

    A financial aid book advance (FABA) is excess aid available on your student account that is used to purchase books and supplies from the bookstore. FABA will be loaded on your Claw Card. You are responsible for any charges that result from charges or changes in aid.

    No action is required if you do not want to use FABA, and no charges will be placed on your Grizzly Den within Banner account when not used.

    FABA Bookstore Online Purchase

    You may place an online order using your FABA as method of payment. Make sure to include the 18-digit Claw Card number located on the front of Claw Card (5300000008000xxxxx). All online purchases will have free shipping and will be shipped to the address you provide on your online order.

    Please note your student ID that begins with nine is not your card number.

    New Students with No Claw Card

    If you are a first time student enrolled for the summer semester and do not yet have your physical Claw Card, you can access your 18-digit Claw Card number by logging in to your Claw Card eAccount. Select the Card Services tab, and you will see your card number displayed on this screen.

    If you do not see your card number, create your Claw Card by uploading your photo to your Claw Card eAccount. Once you have uploaded your photo, your Claw Card number will not be immediately available. The approval and card number should be populated within 24-48 hours.

    FABA Dates

    The first day to use FABA is typically July 1, Nov. 1 or April 1. The last day to use FABA in the Bookstore is the last day of drop/add in any given semester/session. All returns must be made by close of business on the semester/session drop/add date. Returns after drop/add and approved by the bookstore will be given store credit, regardless of payment type.

    FABA Amounts

    FABA amounts are viewable online. You will be required to authenticate your account again due to the real-time and financial nature of this account. The home screen will display your available account summaries by fund type. For more transaction details, click "account transactions": select "fund" and/or "period" and/or "amount" range and then search.


    Students receiving a parent plus loan, and whose parents do not indicate that the student should receive excess moneys, will not receive FABA nor additional Cave Cash in their account.

    If there is a need to increase the amount required to order books, please email @email to make a request in writing by the fifth day after classes begin, but not after drop/add. Any requests made thereafter may not be honored.

    Your FABA will increase/decrease as classes, charges and financial aid are added or removed. You are responsible for any charges that arise from using FABA.

    Grizzly Residents in Housing

    Housing students, please be aware that FABA charges may arise after housing charges are placed on your account.


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