The emergency notification siren is the fastest way the college has to inform the campus community about an emergency. 

The siren will only sound for an imminent, life-threatening emergency. Siren activation will be used for "sheltering-in" situations including:

  • Severe weather or tornado warning
  • A major chemical spill or hazard
  • An armed and dangerous person on or near campus

If the siren is activated, you should be prepared to:

  • Go indoors or seek shelter immediately
  • Close all windows and doors
  • Stay sheltered until further notice

The siren also broadcasts short, pre-recorded voice messages. When the threat is over, the siren will sound again with a pulsed-steady tone and a voice message will announce: "Attention, all clear. All clear. Resume normal activities. All clear."

The siren is located on the roof of Building C. It is built to be heard by people who are outside; however, the warning tone may also be heard inside buildings or vehicles. Severe weather shelter information is posted in each building. Take time to learn where safe shelter is located.

Types of Alerts

In the event the siren is activated, the messages and tones below may be played over the siren, depending on the type of alert. Read the messages and listen to the siren tones so that you will be familiar with them in an emergency.

Alert Voice Message Siren Tone
All Clear "Attention, all clear. All clear. Resume normal activities. All clear."
Audio file
Flash Flood "Attention, Flash Flood Warning. A Flash Flood warning has been issued for the campus. Do not attempt to cross swiftly flowing waters or water of an unknown depth by foot or in an automobile. This is a flash flood warning."
Audio file
Hazardous Material Incident "Attention, hazardous material incident. A hazardous material incident has occurred. Please stay away from the affected areas, and follow the instructions of the emergency personnel. This is a hazardous material incident.”
Audio file
Severe Weather "Attention, severe weather warning. Please seek shelter immediately, and stay alert for additional notifications. This is a severe weather warning."
Audio file
Test "Attention, this is a test of the Georgia Gwinnett College early warning system. This is a test and only a test."
Audio file
Tornado Warning "Attention, tornado warning. A tornado warning has been issued for the campus. Please seek shelter inside immediately. This is a tornado warning."
Audio file
Violent Crime Alert / Campus Lock Down "Attention, violent crime alert. Shelter in place immediately. Close and lock all windows and doors, and do not attempt to enter or exit any building until all clear is given. This is a violent crime alert."
Audio file