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Anonymous Tips

We understand that in certain circumstances a victim or witness may feel uncomfortable with providing information on criminal activity to the police. They may not want to get involved or are concerned about sharing their identity when reporting criminal activity. Confidential online reporting allows you to remain anonymous when providing information to the police. A confidential information report form is provided as a tool for you to report criminal or suspicious activity, with or without providing your name and contact information. When using this form, your personal information will always remain confidential.

It is important for you to understand that a confidential crime report is not the same as an official police report. Because a confidential crime report contains limited information, it is unlikely an investigator will find the evidence needed to prosecute confidentially reported criminal activity. However, confidential crime information can begin official police processes that may result in an official investigation and prosecution. These reports also may serve as additional reference points for the Office of Public Safety to evaluate the level of criminal activity on campus. Caution, this reporting service is not actively monitored, it is checked daily. If you want to report a crime in progress, please call the Campus Police at 678.407.5333 or 911.

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