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Date Time Type Description
04-27-2024 05:00 AM Crime

Lawrenceville Police Department reported an off campus incident that occurred at approximately 5:00 AM on 4/27/2024. While on routine patrol, Lawrenceville officers observed 3 black males peeping in windows at the Park 980 Apartment complex. A foot pursuit by officers resulted in one suspect being arrested and 2 other suspects running deeper into the complex. When searching the arrestee, officers located a pistol magazine, but no firearm. Lawrenceville police searched the entire complex, but were unable to locate the 2 suspects. Lawrenceville officers reported the 2nd suspect was armed with an AR and the 3rd suspect was wearing what appeared to be a ballistic vest. Campus Police and Gwinnett County Police were notified around 5:30 AM to assist. Campus police patrolled the area and used campus security cameras, but did not locate anyone on or near the campus. 

Anyone with information regarding this crime is urged to call the Lawrenceville Police Department at (770-962-4173) or by dialing 911.

Georgia Gwinnett College Police urge all students, faculty, staff and visitors to the  campus to follow strategies designed to facilitate personal safety. These strategies should always involve having a plan for getting home safely, travelling in groups when possible, remaining aware of surroundings, traveling in well-lit areas when possible, using a designated driver, taxi or rideshare, and, if the choice is made to consume alcohol, consuming it in a responsible and moderate manner. We also urge the community to report suspicious activity or individuals to law enforcement immediately.