Welcome to the future of higher education.

Georgia Gwinnett is unlike any other college. Why? For starters, GGC was literally built from the ground up to help you succeed. From the design of our buildings to the design of our academic programs, we focus on ensuring that every student has an opportunity to achieve success, regardless of their academic preparation.

Teaching and mentoring students are our top priorities. Our faculty members intellectually engage you in an environment where learning takes place in and beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Other colleges may talk about personal attention, but we actually mean it! If you miss a class or seem to struggle, don’t be surprised when your professor calls and asks if you need help.

We adjust to your style of learning, and provide a variety of tutoring services to make sure you meet your goals. And as a model for educational innovation, we abandon practices that haven’t worked and introduce new strategies that do. We use modern instructional technologies that enhance your educational experience and keep you connected 24/7.

At Georgia Gwinnett, we are committed to providing an integrated experience that helps you develop as a whole person, and that is reflected in everything we do. From class projects to student activities, you are connected to the community in a way that expands your perspective and prepares you for success in the real world. Our special emphasis on internationalization enriches course content with a broader view and introduces you to your role as a global citizen.

GGC is blazing new trails as a premier, 21st century, liberal arts college and a new model for higher education. We have been called “an experiment.” We’re proud to say that the experiment is working, and so do our students – they have ranked GGC in the top 10 percent of colleges nationwide in academic challenge, supportive college environment, active and collaborative learning, and student/faculty interaction outside of the classroom.

Learn more about GGC, a special place where you can achieve your dreams and build a bright, successful future. We are transforming education and transforming lives. Let us help you transform yours.