We believe student advisement is about being part of a community of friends, intellectuals, peers and mentors who are all here to help you succeed. That is why each and every student is assigned a personal mentor.

To find out who your mentor is, log in to your Grizzly Den within Banner account and click on "Student and Financial Aid." Select "View Student Record" and then click on "Student Information." Your mentor is listed as your Primary Advisor.


The Registrar can help you declare a major, register for courses and apply for graduation. Many of the answers to your questions can be found on our website, which also has access to the forms and documents that you will need throughout the year.

Grizzly Den within Banner

Grizzly Den within Banner is a student information system that GGC uses to deliver information and services to you, and it is critical to your success at GGC. As a GGC student, you will utilize your Grizzly Den within Banner account to register for courses, view holds on your accounts, find your mentor, view your schedule of courses, view unofficial transcripts, review financial aid reward information and more.

Schedule of Courses

You may search for classes that fit your schedule in the online class schedule. You will be required to log into Grizzly Den within Banner in order to actually register. All students must meet with their mentor prior to registering for classes.

First-Year Learning Communities

First-Year Learning Communities provide themed options that enhance the freshman experience and support your success at GGC.

Internationalized Courses (i-courses) 

Internationalized courses (i-courses) contain a wealth of international content, which provides broader global awareness and perspective.


eCore is a USG collaborative program established to make higher education more accessible to Georgia students.


The GGC Barnes & Noble bookstore carries much more than just textbooks, including, but not limited to: GGC apparel, study and reference materials; textbooks, supplies, general reading books, backpacks, gifts, convenience food items, magazines, gift cards; book rentals; graduation regalia and related items; and frames for your newly earned diploma.

GGC Catalog

Get the most up-to-date information on approved majors, certificates, course requirements and other aspects of your academic goals in the GGC Catalog