Public Health
Dr. Lee Kurtz

Could a fungus cause the apocalypse?

GGC's Dr. Lee Kurtz breaks down the premise of HBO’s “The Last of Us.”

The fictional fungus in the show is based on the Cordyceps, a genus of fungi that is parasitic on insects and other arthropods.

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GGC initiative inspires big dreams, belonging and support among African American male students

The African American Male Initiative (AAMI) / Elite Scholars improve black male graduation rates in its 26 schools, including GGC. Students participate in peer mentoring, and the group hosts discussions, where guest speakers and GGC AAMI alumni speak to members.

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Faculty and Staff Workout Free at the WRC

Front desk checkin with name or 900#. First-time faculty and staff visitors are required to sign the online waiver (login required).

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GGC in :60

GGC in :60 shares events and celebrates people around campus. It's produced by cinema and media arts production student interns.

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