Where are they now? Where are they now?

Five GGC alumni share their success stories.

From scoring on the field to scoring at life, soccer star graduates from GGC

Exercise Science, clinical concentration, business administration minor

Juan Cruz Parisi Sitjar knows what it takes to win. More importantly, like all champions, he knows how to take a loss. If you ask him, he’ll tell you learning how to move on from your losses is more important than celebrating your wins, and he’s had plenty of experience with both.

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Graduate Inspirations

Human Services, social work concentration

Jolene McGee receives a degree in human services with a concentration in social work, becoming the first person in her family to graduate from college. She said in addition to fulfilling her last promise to her mother, she sought a college degree to be a role model for her children.

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Cinema and Media Arts Production student, 72, to graduate college

Cinema and Media Arts Production

At 68 years old, Sam Kaplan decided to go back to school, the beginning of a rewarding journey.

His journey wasn’t easy. While the father of five had experience in raising children, Kaplan said he was nervous about taking classes and fitting in with students who were 50 years younger than him.

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In-state Tuition In-state Tuition

GGC offers border state waivers to qualifying students for in-state tuition.

Georgia degrees pay Georgia degrees pay

Compare the cost of attendance, your future earnings and student success among the University System of Georgia's 26 institutions, including GGC. Browse GGC's degrees and programs.

GGC Offers Online Degrees GGC Offers Online Degrees

GGC students can expect the same level of expertise, rigor and faculty-student engagement whether they choose to study in the classroom or online.


Diverse college experience Diverse college experience

GGC ranked as most ethnically diverse Southern regional college, according to 2024 U.S. News & World Report rankings.