Approved by Cabinet, March 2017

    Academic and Student Affairs

    Business and Finance

    • Business and Finance (PDF)
      • Enhance Faculty and Staff Effectiveness
      • Facilitate a Culture to Support Students
      • Increase Efficiency and Quality of Operations
      • Professional Development
      • Resources
      • Campus Master Plan


    • Advancement (PDF)
      • Awareness and Advocacy
      • Constituent Engagement
      • Expand Financial Support
      • Build, Support, and Strengthen the College
    • GGC Foundation (PDF)
      • Capital Needs
      • Steward Investments
      • Promote the College
      • Exemplify Excellence
    • Alumni Board

    Enrollment Management Services

    Chief of Staff

      1: Students

      Our students are distinctive and the way we relentlessly focus on them will be extraordinary.

      2: Faculty and Staff

      To serve those students we will ensure our faculty and staff have 21st century skills.

      3: Resource Model

      We will establish a robust and sustainable resource model.

      4: Organization

      We will build and reinforce a collegial, collaborative and innovative organization as GGC transitions from a rapid growth institution into a more sustainable model.

      5: External Environments

      To better serve our students we will leverage and address our external environments, in all their forms, by committing to a greater awareness, purposeful engagement, and intentional conversations.