Internationalized courses or i-courses provide students with opportunities to build intercultural competencies and skills.

Each “internationalized” i-course focuses on intercultural awareness, communication and collaboration with opportunities for GGC students to achieve broader global awareness and perspectives in multiple academic disciplines.

  • Verified i-courses are designated in GGC's course schedule with the abbreviated international attribute “INTL.” i-courses also appear on transcripts with the attribute “INTL.”
  • i-courses have at least 30% international or global content. Many courses have international content, but not enough to be designated as an i-course.
  • i-courses include traditional courses that complement your studies or chosen degree without extending the time it takes to complete your degree requirements to graduate.

Benefits of i-courses

  • Prepares students to successfully interact in an increasingly global community – whether locally, nationally or internationally
  • Prepares students to work with people from different cultures, and live or travel abroad
  • Beneficial, even for those not pursuing a degree in international studies or working internationally
  • Adds value to your roles as an employee and engaged citizen