GGC students majoring in cinema and media arts production (CMAP) benefit from professional training, internships, apprenticeships and job placement opportunities from the Georgia Film Academy.

The Georgia Film Academy (GFA) supports GGC’s membership in the Georgia Film Consortium (GFC), which is a unique-in-the-nation, state-wide collaboration of institutions of the University System of Georgia, Technical College System of Georgia (USG, TCSG) and independent institutions who offer professional courses in film, television, digital entertainment, esports and game development.

The GFA promotes rigorous professional training, and supports opportunities for union-covered film and television production craft internships and placement in creative industries, apprenticeships and jobs to build a permanent and sustainable industry in the state.

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Benefits to CMAP Majors

  • Learn from professionals in the film, television and digital entertainment industries.
  • Take classes at an industry hub facilitated with professional-level equipment. 
  • Participate in on-set, hands-on experience and simulated “real world” projects, coupled with in-classroom course work.
  • Work hands-on with professional production equipment (cameras, sound gear, lights, etc.) as well as production trucks and generators on studio soundstages.
  • Apply for an internship or apprenticeship on a major film production set, television studio, editing house or digital entertainment lab to develop recognized film credits, through partnerships with professional productions.
  • Receive one-on-one job counseling to include resume preparation, job research and job placement outreach from GFA.
  • Earn any of three GFA industry certifications, recognized by production companies, studios, networks, vendors and other entertainment businesses which may employ Georgians:
    • Film and television production certification 
    • Film and television post-production certification
    • Digital entertainment, esports and game development certification

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Course Offerings and Academic Calendar

Search "Georgia Film Academy" to browse GFA courses in the GGC catalog course listings (by type) or by semester in the course schedule (by subject).

The academic calendar for GFA courses is not the same as regular GGC courses. The GFA semester schedule follows the eCore common academic calendar.

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