GGC encourages students to become global leaders through community service and international study.

Although the Peace Corps Prep Program does not guarantee admission into the Peace Corps, it greatly enhances your chances of being selected to serve. If chosen, you will gain benefits that last throughout your volunteer service and well beyond.

Benefits during Service

Benefits after Service

  • Transition funds
  • Marketable professional skills gained from language, cross-cultural, and technical training
  • Advantages in federal employment and with Peace Corps partner organizations
  • Transition and job search services
  • Opportunities for short-term assignments through Peace Corps Response
  • Financial assistance for graduate school programs

Peace Corps Events

Still have questions? Find online office hours and Peace Corps events near you.

Apply to the Peace Corps

Students become eligible to apply for the Peace Corps once they’ve earned their degree. Find more information about the Peace Corps application process or watch this video to learn how applying to the Peace Corps is easier than ever before.

Note: Actual Peace Corps assignments are based on local needs, and thus may or may not align seamlessly with your qualifications. Flexibility is central to the Peace Corps experience.