The mission of the Daniel J. Kaufman Library & Learning Center is to support the institutional goals of the College by serving the information and research needs of the students, faculty, and staff of Georgia Gwinnett College, a four-year unit of the University System of Georgia. The library also serves as a resource center for the Gwinnett County community.

The library's primary purpose is to serve as the intellectual commons of the college, policies have been developed in order to maximize its utility for all users. The overarching principle guiding facility use at the Library is that users should exercise courtesy and respect toward their fellow scholars and toward the facility. These policies are designed to give the greatest amount of freedom and discretion to the user while maintaining an atmosphere conducive to study and research.

Any users who fail to comply with any of these rules and regulations may be escorted from the premises and prohibited from further use of the library.


Please be advised that security cameras are in use and all bags are subject to inspection.


Library patrons have the right to expect a quiet and pleasant library environment conducive to research and scholarship and free of disruptive activity. Only whispering is allowed in open areas of the Library. Patrons bothered by excessive noise should contact a library employee at one of the service desks. Library employees are authorized to resolve any noise complaints. Absolutely no noise or conversation is allowed in the Quiet Reading Room.

Unattended Items

Items may not be left unattended in any areas of the library and cannot be used to reserve any spaces. Security guards will remove any unattended personal items. The library is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property.

Bicycles, Scooters and Skateboards

Bicycles and motorized scooters are not allowed inside the library building. They must be placed in the bike racks in the plaza between the library and Student Center, and not left on or attached to benches, railings or landscaping. Non-motorized scooters or skateboards are allowed inside the building, but must be carried and not ridden. They must be kept off of any furniture and out of the way of other patrons.

Cell Phones/Electronic Devices

Cell phone ring tones must be turned off and no calls should be taken in the open areas. Cell phone conversations may take place in the stairwells and in the cell phone zone, located on the first floor near the elevators. All portable electronic devices, except cell phones, are required to be used with headphones.


Tobacco use of any kind, including chewing tobacco, is prohibited in the library. Use of electronic cigarettes or similar devices is also prohibited.


Children and young adults under the age of 17 may not use library facilities unless they are enrolled at GGC or accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Children and young adults under the age of 17 may not use library computers unless they are enrolled at GGC, even if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Violations will be referred to Public Safety.


Registered student organizations (RSOs) wishing to post materials in the library must have flyers approved and stamped by Student Life with a date indicating final day of posting. The stamped copy of the flyer must be presented at the Circulation Desk before being posted to the bulletin board near the first floor elevators. Materials without stamps or posted outside of the approved area will be removed.

Campus entities other than RSOs wishing to post or distribute materials in the library must have them cleared by the dean of Library Services.


Selling, peddling and/or soliciting of services or materials of any kind is prohibited. Any violation under this entire solicitation statement may result in a trespass warning issued, and/or further judicial action may be pursued.

Video Recording/Photography

Video recording and/or photo shoots in the Library are generally prohibited as they can be disruptive to the users. On an exceptional basis, with advanced approval by the dean of Library Services, filming, video recording or photo shoots in the library are permitted for college-related purposes and/or student projects. On a rare exceptional basis, with advanced approval of the dean of Library Services and GGC Public Relations, outside entities may be granted permission to video record or conduct photo shoots.


  • A responsible party wanting to video record and/or photograph must contact the dean of Library Services for approval at least two weeks before the proposed video recording/photo shoot date.
  • During the approved activity, the following procedures shall be followed:
    • Security shall be notified when videographers/photographers enter the building;
    • Persons involved in the approved activity shall keep conversations as quiet as possible and not distract others in the library;
    • Persons involved shall maintain the agreed upon time and schedule for the video recording/photo shoot;
    • The videographers / photographers shall refrain from capturing video/photo images of library users who are not specified as part of the shoot;
    • If library users are shot, the responsible party involved in the approved activity shall obtain a written authorization from library users when photographing or videoing identifiable persons.


Users must provide their own supplies, including but not limited to dry erase markers, erasers, headphones and flash drives. These supplies may be purchased at the Bookstore, located in the Student Center.


Photocopies cost ten cents per page. Photocopiers do not accept cash, but operate on a swipe card system. Cave Cash must be added to your Claw Card either at the kiosk located in the Building B Atrium, Student Center or at Student Accounts in Building D. The library cannot make change. Change may be obtained in Student Accounts in Building D. Note: GGC faculty/staff cannot make photocopies in the Library using departmental account numbers. Library photocopiers only work via swipe cards with Cave Cash. The main library first floor photocopiers allow users to email materials. The copyright law of the United States (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using the equipment is liable for any infringement.

Computer Use

Please see Kaufman Library and Information Commons computer use.


Rules and regulations of Georgia Gwinnett College, as stated in the Student Handbook (PDF), are to be followed. Violators may be forbidden future use of library facilities and/or recommended for disciplinary action.

Library Spaces

The Library contains a number of unique spaces that have specific use policies.

  • Quiet Reading Room – No cell phone use allowed. Audio must be listened to through headphones rather than computer speakers. In the Quiet Reading Room, no food is allowed and drinks must be in spill proof containers. Book bags should not be placed on the tables. Absolutely no noise or conversation is allowed in the Quiet Reading Room.
  • Instruction Rooms – Drinks must be in spill proof containers. Eating is not allowed in the instruction rooms.
  • Information Commons – Drinks must be in spill proof containers.
  • Study Rooms – Study rooms in the Kaufman Library must be booked online via study room reservation (up to 14 days in advance, three hours per day limit).

Reservations of Library Spaces

  • Heritage Lecture Room – The Heritage Lecture Room is reserved for official functions of the President’s office and educational presentations sponsored by the library or an academic school of GGC. Reservations are coordinated through Operations at Event sponsors are responsible for arranging for setup, breakdown and cleanup of the Heritage Lecture Room. Event sponsors are also responsible for access and security for any events which take place outside of library hours.
  • Administrative Conference Room (L-3121) – The Administrative Conference Room is reserved for college related meetings. Reservations are coordinated through the library administrative office. Recurring meetings can only be on monthly or greater sequences. Use of this facility can only take place during library hours.
  • Instruction Rooms – The Library Instruction Rooms are designated for the delivery of library instruction classes and training sessions. This usage will have priority over all other uses of the rooms. Reservations may be coordinated through Kaufman Library Research Services @email. During non-peak times, the rooms may be scheduled by GGC faculty and staff for college related meetings and training at the discretion of the dean of Library Services.