Learn your options for both mandatory and voluntary student health insurance.

Who’s Required to Enroll?

The mandatory student health insurance fee is applicable for the following students, in accordance with USG’s Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP).

  • All undergraduate and international students holding F or J visa status
  • All undergraduate students enrolled in programs that require proof of health insurance
  • International Scholars holding J visa status

View more information and enroll in the Student Health Insurance Program.


Your health insurance coverage information is submitted to UnitedHealthcare within three business days after you register for classes at GGC each applicable semester. Once submitted, you have the ability to waive out if you have comparable coverage. Students who are covered by an insurance policy (i.e., through parent plans, family plans or employer-sponsored plans) can opt out of the plan by submitting a waiver by the end of drop/add period. Allow three business days for an approved waiver to be updated on your student account.

If your waiver has been denied once, you can resubmit a waiver following the same steps as above one more time. Double check that all information you submitted is correct. If you have submitted two waivers and you have been denied twice, and wish to appeal, you will need to email the program coordinator for Health Services if you are a nursing student or International Student Services if you are an international student.

Waiver requests must be submitted each semester prior to the end of drop/add period. Waiver requests submitted after this deadline will not be considered. Failure to submit a waiver by the established deadline means that you will be responsible for paying the insurance charge on your student account by the payment deadline. Allow three business days for the waiver to be updated on your student account.

Important: Waivers are valid for one semester only and waiver periods at GGC are strictly enforced.

Activating your Insurance

If you are in one of the mandatory groups that must have student health insurance, your insurance coverage information will be submitted to UnitedHealthcare within three business days after you register for classes at GGC.

If you would like to activate your insurance prior to the waiver deadline, login to UnitedHealthcare and select "Opt-in" button to enroll. At the end of completing this process, you will receive a confirmation email. Upon submission of the enrollment form, please click the “My Account” link on the confirmation page, or go to UnitedHealthcare.

If you would like to activate your Insurance after the waiver deadline, go to UnitedHealthcare and click "ID Card" to create an account to obtain your ID card. For further assistance, contact UnitedHealthcare’s Help CenterFrequently Asked Questions or Customer Service: 1-800-767-0700.

Voluntary Student Insurance

Georgia Gwinnett College students enrolled in six or more credits per term may participate in a voluntary student insurance program underwritten by UnitedHealthcare. Enrollment is open to students, their spouses and dependent children. Contact UnitedHealthcare for more information about the voluntary student insurance program. Information may also be obtained about the Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP) from the University System of Georgia.

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