A college policy is a governing directive or principle that has been formally approved through the GGC policy process. The full process is laid out in the Administrative Policy Manual's (APM) Policy on Policies.

A college policy has broad application throughout GGC, which distinguishes it from guidelines that pertain to only a particular school or department. Policies are also distinguishable from procedures – policies say “what” to do (or what not to do) while procedures instruct people “how” to engage in a certain activity and are more specific. Procedures often change more frequently than policies. 

Please note that these FAQs are specifically for college policies found in the APM. While college policies may appear in other publications (such as the Faculty Handbook, Catalog or Student Handbook), these questions do not address those publications. Any use of “policy” in these FAQs refers to a college policy.

Policy FAQs

    How do I find a college policy?

    All college policies are available online in the APM. If you need help locating a specific policy, please contact the office of Legal Affairs at @email.

    What is the role of Legal Affairs in the policy process?

    Legal Affairs oversees the policy process by assisting responsible Cabinet members and offices in the development, revision and approval stages. Legal Affairs also reviews each policy for clarity, practicality, consistency and compliance. Legal Affairs is also responsible for maintaining the templates, posting policies in the APM and archiving decommissioned policies.

    How can I propose a new policy or suggest changes to an existing one?

    Any GGC employee or GGC unit can propose creation of or substantive revision to a college policy. Specific input regarding an existing policy should be sent to the Policy Contact listed in the policy. If the policy is only in the draft state and a Policy Contact has not yet been identified, input can be sent to the appropriate Cabinet member. Proposals for new policies should also be sent to the appropriate Cabinet member. Legal Affairs has a template to assist in drafting a new policy in the proper format. 

    How are new policies or substantive revisions approved?

    If the appropriate Cabinet member decides to carry a new policy or revisions forward, the Cabinet member, or their designee, will forward the draft to Legal Affairs for review. Suggested changes will be sent back to the drafting individual or unit for approval before the policy is carried forward to the President’s Cabinet. Once the draft is in final form and approved by the appropriate Cabinet member, the Cabinet as a whole will review and make a recommendation to the President for approval or rejection of the policy. The President makes the final decision approving or rejecting the policy.

    Who provides input on policies?

    The Policy Contact and the Cabinet member in whose area the administration of a policy falls are responsible for determining who in the GGC community should review proposed policies, whether new or revised. During its review, Legal Affairs may also share the policy with key constituents or suggest additional stakeholders who should be involved in the review.

    Where can I find new or recently updated policies?

    New policies are listed in the New Policies section of the APM. Revised policies are listed in the Updated Policies section.

    If I need further clarification on a policy, who should I contact?

    For questions specific to a policy, please contact the Policy Contact listed in the policy. For general policy questions, contact the office of Legal Affairs at @email.