Institutional Effectiveness is committed to continuous review, assessment, change and experimentation to support the fulfillment of the college's vision and mission.

Institutional Effectiveness utilizes a data-driven planning process that is focused on outcomes. Assessment of the college plays a central role in this planning process.

Overall goals of Institutional Effectiveness

  • To develop a culture and method for continual monitoring of the educational needs of the local, regional and global knowledge-based economy
  • To develop an on-going and integrated institution-wide planning process
  • To develop an integrated and systemic Institutional Effectiveness program for all units of GGC
  • To develop staff and procedures for Institutional Effectiveness

News and Resources

Throughout the year, Institutional Effectiveness issues surveys to the GGC community as a part of our ongoing collection of data. This schedule changes each semester.

Spring 2019 Semester

February – April

  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) for first-year students and prospective graduates
  • Session A course evaluations

April – May

  • Full Session and Session B course evaluations
  • Annual Faculty/Staff Culture and Climate Survey

Fall 2019 Semester


  • Mindset Survey (new freshmen only)


  • Session A course evaluations


  • Mindset Survey (new freshmen only)

November – December

  • Annual campus-wide Customer Service Survey
  • Full Session and Session B course evaluations
Accessing GGC Data