All vehicles on GGC's campus must be registered and display a valid GGC parking decal.

Student and faculty/staff decals and permits may be obtained in the Parking Office in Building D, room 1346, during normal business hours. Decals must be displayed on the lower left area of the rear window. There is no additional cost for new or replacement parking decals. Valid parking decals will have an expiration date. Temporary permits for special classes, seminars, conferences and short-term physical hardship are also available. For questions, please call 678.407.5015 or 678.407.5352.

Online Vehicle Registration

After registering online, decals may be picked up in Building D, room 1346, during normal business hours.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Members of the community wishing to use one of the charging stations on campus must create an account with ChargePoint. Electric charging stations on campus are considered a shared resource. The stations are installed to help supplement electric vehicle energy needs when they are away from home. Individual electric vehicles should not expect to have a dedicated space available to them at all times.

If the electric vehicle does not require a charge, the vehicle must be parked elsewhere. Once charging is complete, owners are required to move their vehicles from the charging station. Only vehicles actively charging are authorized to use the space.

Campus and Housing Regulations

Student Code of Conduct and Housing Policies are regulations designed to create a safe and crime-free environment at Georgia Gwinnett College. The College is located within the city limits of Lawrenceville and has adopted the city ordinances. Campus police will enforce city ordinances through arrest or issuing a citation. All approved and published regulations and fines apply to students, faculty and staff. Campus police officers have the discretion of issuing a verbal warning, written warning, arrest, city ordinance citations or campus citations. Normally, a campus visitor or guest in violation of state law or city ordinances will be arrested or issued an ordinance violation citation. All campus regulations and city ordinances are enforced 24 hours a day.

Payment of Fines

Payment of fines must be received in Student Accounts or paid online during regular business hours within seven days of the date of the citation. Online payments require student to call or email Student Accounts when payment is made. Students’ grades, future registration, records and diplomas will be held until all fines are paid. All citations may be appealed within seven days of the date of violation. Persons issued a city citation should contact the Lawrenceville Municipal Court for fine schedule information.