The Peer Supplemental Instruction (PSI) program serves two purposes: 1) supports student academic success in STEM-related courses, and 2) provides service learning leadership opportunities for junior and seniors wishing to excel in STEM-related degree programs.

PSI Support in STEM-related Courses

Peer Supplemental Instruction (PSI) supports academic success in STEM-related coursework (science, technology, engineering, math).

PSI Leader Opportunities

Peer Supplemental Instruction leaders participate in service learning opportunities through enrollment in the STEC-4800 course (3-credit hours). PSI leaders are guided through this experience by PSI faculty.

PSI Leader Benefits

  • Plan and facilitate study sessions for your peers.
  • Strengthen your knowledge of the coursework material.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to persist in the STEM pipeline.
  • Develop important job skills including leadership, time management, teamwork and public speaking.
  • Demonstrate experience to add to your resume or graduate school application.
  • Fulfill degree requirement:
    • biology capstone
    • upper level elective for chemistry, information technology or math

Candidates must have and maintain 3.0 GPA for science- and math-related courses and are selected based on an interview process.

Email @email for more information.

The PSI program is funded and supported by the STEM IV Initiative Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and the National Science Foundation under NSF Award No. 1623779.