Priority Application Dates

  • Submit by March 31 for spring semester
  • Submit by Oct. 31 for fall semester

Program Requirements and Selection Process

  1. Complete TAP application.
  2. Interview with TAP faculty to determine preparedness and eligibility.
  3. Enroll in STEC 4800 (requires faculty approval): 3-credit hour service learning internship TAP course.

Search the class schedule for course availability, using the following steps:

  1. Follow link to class search.
  2. Select a semester.
  3. Locate and select “Science & Technology” in the subject list.
  4. Hit “Class Search” button.
  5. Scroll STEC-4800 options for Internship Service Learning specific to TAP.

TAP Application

Basic Information

What is your intended GGC major and concentration?
How many IT courses have you taken at GGC?
How did you find out about TAP?
Check all that apply

Interest in TAP

For the following questions, please write a descriptive but succinct paragraph (4-6 sentences). Spelling, grammar and punctuation count.

In your paragraph, be sure to describe this activity in detail.

Academic Background and Extracurricular Activities

Please list any student organizations you are active in at GGC. Identify any leadership positions held.

Please list any extracurricular activities you are active in outside of GGC. Identify any leadership positions held.

Briefly describe the most important community or school service that you have done in the past, and include why it mattered to you.