The public GGC website ( uses a content management system and is managed by the web team. Content managers submit content to the web team for review. The public GGC website should adhere to the guidelines and standards previously outlined in the Design and Content sections of this guide.

Content Managers

A content manager is defined as one who is assigned responsibility for the content of his or her organization’s public sub-site which includes periodic content reviews and updates to ensure accuracy of content. To become a content manager, one should:

  • Be recommended, in writing via email to @email, by his or her division’s or unit’s leader;
  • Attend periodic workshops provided by the web team;
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Word and other similar software, to ensure content is accurate, accessible (Section 508 Compliant) and current. It is the responsibility of the content manager to pursue any training necessary to ensure content integrity; and
  • Sign the Content Manager Agreement located in this guide.

The web team will provide help sessions and email support as needed.

Content Management Procedures

Content managers should follow procedures defined in this guide, when submitting requests for updates and/or changes. Submitted content will be reviewed by the web team. Revisions may be made as necessary and, if significant in nature, will be returned to the client for final review. Following final review and approval, the web team will publish content on All text, imagery and multimedia are subject to editing for style, grammar, punctuation, spelling, quality or length by the web team. All content, pages, and sites are expected to comply with the requirements and standards outlined in this guide.

Requesting a Sub-site

A sub-site is a school, department, program or organization website located in the CMS and created as part of Sub-sites may be requested by completing the appropriate request form  with a description and justification of the proposed sub-site. Sub-site requests will be evaluated based on the web team’s website goals and strategies, urgency and availability of resources. The web team reserves the right to approve, prioritize or deny sub-site requests.

Content Review

Content managers are responsible for completing periodic reviews of their content for accuracy and communicating any necessary changes to the web team, each semester. Refer to the Requesting Edits and Updates section for more information.

Requesting Edits and Updates

Trained content managers have access to make basic edits to their assigned areas. Assistance is also available beyond basic edits. When requesting edits and/or updates to existing sub-sites, content managers should complete a Communications Request. Once received, the web team will review the request, approve or deny the request, and make necessary changes. The content manager will be notified of receipt of the request and any changes made, upon completion.

Other Website Requests

Other website requests, including but not limited to video production, promotional slides, faculty, staff and student announcements, calendar events, and directory profile requests may be submitted by GGC faculty and staff by completing the appropriate request form.