GGC Financial Aid automatically awards all HOPE eligible students based upon information provided by Georgia Student Finance Commission (GSFC).

Financial Aid Awards and Loans

    HOPE Eligibility Status

    Follow these steps to find your HOPE eligibility status through Grizzly Den within Banner.

    1. Enter your GGC user ID and PIN (originally the six digits of your birthday: MMDDYY).
    2. Click on the Financial Aid tab at the top of the screen.
    3. Click on Eligibility.
    4. Click on HOPE Eligibility Status.
    5. Select the desired term.
    6. Under Academic Transcript Options, do not adjust transcript options.
    7. Click submit.
    8. Scroll to HOPE Eligibility Status.

    Expecting HOPE award, but nothing posted?

    Students not automatically awarded HOPE must follow these instructions:


    If the Office of Financial Aid cannot confirm your award with the State of Georgia, you must verify that GSFC has the correct spelling of your name, date of birth, social security number AND your final high school GPA information through one of the following channels:

    Georgia Student Finance Commission
    2082 East Exchange Place
    Tucker, GA. 30084

    Transfer Students

    Contact the Registrar to verify that all of your transcripts have been evaluated, prior to contacting GGC Financial Aid.

    Current Students

    Contact GGC Financial Aid for evaluation.

    Accept, Decline or Reduce Award

    Follow these steps to accept, decline or reduce your award amounts through Grizzly Den within Banner.

    1. You must read and accept the terms and conditions for your financial aid award before you will be able to accept or decline your award. Acceptance of the terms and conditions is NOT acceptance of the award offer.
    2. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions, the Accept Award Offer link will activate.
    3. If you have loans on your award letter, you will need to go to the Accept Award Offer tab to accept, decline or reduce your loans after you have accepted the terms and conditions.
    4. To view your award, click on the Award Overview tab for a summary of your award.

    NOTE: Viewing Award Overview information will detail all awards and types of aid. It is NOT the appropriate tab for accepting your awards. Most awards are linked to a fund description. Please read the description of each award.

    Direct Stafford Loans

    If you accept any Direct Stafford Loans and have never borrowed Direct Loans before, you must complete a master promissory note (MPN) and entrance counseling to secure and disburse these funds to your account.

    You can complete both the MPN and entrance counseling at

    If you have already received loans at GGC, you do not need to complete another MPN or entrance counseling.

    Parent PLUS Loan

    If you are a dependent student and have been offered the Parent PLUS loan, your legal parent (as listed on your current FAFSA) must have an approved application and master promissory note (MPN) for this loan.

    The Direct PLUS Loan Application and Direct PLUS Loan MPN may be completed at

    Both student and parent should complete this application together, but the parent must log in with his/her FSA ID.

    NOTE: when completing this application, it is important that the parent apply as the borrower and the student be listed as the student in the appropriate areas.

    Only the legal parent as listed on the FAFSA may apply for the Parent PLUS Loan.

    Financial Aid Award Status

    Follow these steps to view your financial aid award status through Grizzly Den within Banner.

    1. Enter your GGC user ID and PIN (originally the six digits of your birthday MMDDYY).
    2. Click on the Financial Aid Tab at the top of the screen.
    3. Click on Award.
    4. Click on Award for Aid Year.
    5. Select the current award year (example, Fall 2022 would be Fall22, Spr23, Sum23).
    6. Select the Terms and Conditions tab at the top of the page.