Georgia Gwinnett College Financial Aid must have all student requirements completed before determining any aid for students.

Use the below instructions to review required documents and determine what action steps are needed. We will be unable to offer, process, or disburse any aid until all required documents have been completed accurately and returned to us.

View Missing Documents

Your additional requirements can be viewed from your account in Grizzly Den within Banner.

  • Enter your student ID number as the “User” and your birthdate (MMDDYY) as the PIN.
  • Select the Financial Aid tab from the top of the screen
  • Select Financial Aid Status
  • Select the appropriate aid year
  • Select Student Requirements

Review the Unsatisfied Requirements Section and follow the instructions from each link. In some instances you will be instructed to create a Student Forms account. When creating this account it is important that the requested information be entered exactly as it was entered on your FAFSA.

You will use your GGC user ID and a temporary password. Your temporary password MUST BE formatted as follows:

  • First letter of your first name (upper case)
  • First single (1) letter of your last name (lower case)
  • # (hashtag sign), six digit birthday (MMDDYY)
  • # (hashtag sign), GGC

Example student: John Brown whose birthdate is January 5, 2000. Jb#010500#GGC

Once your account has been created you can view and complete the required verification tasks. You can upload missing documents through the secure Student Forms portal.

Deadlines, Payments and Processing Missing Documents

FAFSA Priority Filing Deadlines

Fall Semester – June 1
Spring Semester – Nov. 1
Summer Semester – March 1

Financial Aid Priority Document Submission Deadlines

Deadline Requirements
Completed FAFSA application AND verification, and submission of all requested documents

Fall Semester – July 6
Spring Semester – Dec. 15
Summer Semester – Apr. 15

Documents turned in after the deadline will still be processed; however, you will be expected to pay your bill in full. Please contact Student Accounts to determine your fee payment deadline. Once your aid is processed, you may be reimbursed the amount of aid you accept once it’s processed.

If the documentation you submit to our office results in a correction of data, we will correct the necessary information and update it with the Department of Education. This could result in a change in your eligibility for financial aid.

Once you have turned in the missing documentation and your financial aid file is complete, please allow two-to-three weeks processing time. You will receive an aid offer, via email, when your award is posted and ready for review.